Lourdes S. Guerrero


Every year when I was a little girl, my father would throw a mattress in the back of our old Plymouth station wagon and drive to Texas (once even taking us to California). We’d leave so early in the morning the sun had not yet risen. My siblings and I, still in pajamas, would be gently placed among the pillows until we woke with the blaze of the summer sun on our sweaty faces.

The thrill of waking in a new location and looking out across a rural landscape, so different from our third-floor Taylor street apartment, excited me to no end.  Where are we now? Where are we going?

Maybe that’s why my career choices have often been based on the journey--taking a willing step into the unknown, reveling in the newness of the colors and sounds found there, and breathing in fresh air. That awesome sense of adventure for where we may be going has never left me. I’d like to share that excitement with you. Welcome to my new website.

The Journey